Writing for Relaxation (continues)

In the previous blog post Writing for Relaxation, I wrote about how writers both beginners and seasoned writers often do not complete writing assignments, finish books or write for others because of writer’s block and writer’s fear. I come to believe that at sometime in a writer’s career they may have experienced one or the other, maybe both. Writer’s block is when the writing is not flowing easily with the creative ideas being stagnant. Writer’s fear is when a person may have second thoughts about their writing or too concern about what others may say or think about their writing.

Writer’s block can be changed to writer’s fulfillment by exercising techniques that will help you to relax. A relax mind can produce wonderful achievements, moreso, than a confused , negative mind. Pushing yourself away from the writing and take the time to close your eyes and become quiet and still. If this mean sitting in a room that most comforting to you, than do it or going in your yard to sit under a tree near a rose bush than go ahead! You are doing this for you without any disturbance. Now, close your eyes and relax the body and mind releasing any thoughts that you feel that may be hindering your progress in writing. This is where visualization can take place as you see yourself finishing that writing project and completing that book. Positive self-suggestions or affirmations can be used audibly or quietly to help you to achieve s writer’s frame of mind.

Writer’s fear maybe a lack of confidence in whatever you are writing. Concern that the writing is not suitable for a certain audience or your style of writing is not good enough. Remember, their are so many writers that write, therefore, there is a audience for everyone. Every writer writes from their own ideas, insight and personality with an audience to follow. Concentration on finishing the desired work can help to strengthen your ability to finish and build confidence. The book Law of Success states that concentation is to keep the mind fixed on a subject until you completely know it for yourself and have mastered it. (Hill,445).

Writing for Relaxation will be available in an ebook with coaching in June. Shannon’s Writing service provide quality service for their clients. Ms. Shannon can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com, if you need more information

About write 2 educate

My name is Ann Shannon. I am a creative, professional writer, author and educator. I have written my first book which is named, The Wilder Kids. My business is Shannon's Writing Service, it is a service that provides professional writing work for clients that are looking for a quality writing service. I can be email at ann50joy@yahoo.com for more information.
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