Writing for Relaxation

This is my final blog post on Writing for Relaxation, this post will tell the how to accomplish a relaxing mind to write. The previous post explains that a writer should move away from their writing when their ideas are stagnant or when the confidence level is not there to write. It explain somethings that could help such as relaxing the mind and affirmations.

Meditation is a form to relaxing the mind with using a contemplating thought such as creative thought or true peace to become still enough to be relaxed. This technique can be done at the right time for you, in the morning, afternoon or evening. The amount of time maybe five to twenty minutes or as how long you want it to be, remember this is for you. When you start writing first take time to close your eyes and meditate on that thought or word that can move you forward with your writing or when your creative ideas are not flowing meditate to help you to relax so you can return to that writing state of mind. When you finish your meditation, start affirming using positive and uplifting words or statements that will motivate and inspire you to have faith in your craft. You will realize that using positive affirmations with meditation brings forth great results.

According to Merriam-Websters pocket dictionary the word affirm means to assert positively. Affirmations are those positive statements that you can write on your own or use other affirmations to get you through the sluggish times when you don’t want to write or uncertain what to write. Affirm to yourself “I write easily each day” or “my writing is successful and I enjoy writing for others.” You can makeup your affirmations that are best suited for you. If you want to be more productive in writing or whatever craft you are in meditation and affirmations may help you to excel.

My ebook entitled Writing for Relaxation will provide more details on meditation, creative visualization and provide helpful writer’s affirmations. There is a 20- minute coaching session available. Leave me your email address at ann50joy@yahoo.com to receive your free ebook. @Ann Shannon. All rights reserved. Published 2011.

About write 2 educate

My name is Ann Shannon. I am a creative, professional writer, author and educator. I have written my first book which is named, The Wilder Kids. My business is Shannon's Writing Service, it is a service that provides professional writing work for clients that are looking for a quality writing service. I can be email at ann50joy@yahoo.com for more information.
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