Shannon’s Writing Service

I am blogging about my writing service, a service that provides top quality freelance writing to professional clients. I consider myself as an article writer, Web writer, blogger and ghostwriter. Writing is my craft that I enjoy doing with the opportunity to earn money. Writing allows me to express myself at different levels, such as, writing a children’s book The Wilder Kids I Really Want to Go to College and writing about and teaching my workshop, Writing for Relaxation. My ebook is expected to be complete by November, 2011.

I have written various online articles for and I have written book proposals and press releases, I keep a writer’s journal which helps me to keep writing and stay focus even when business is slow. I expect to introduce and write my first novel in the year 2012. My writing style is practical, interesting and fun. If you want your story written, but uncertain about writing it email me at

Shannon’s Writing Service does writing work in a time-oriented setting with the clients writing material always in mind. This service does not do typing of any kind, but provides creative writing ideas and thoughts that are applied to the clients top-quality written work.
Ann Shannon the owner of Shannon’s Writing Service is available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have any questions they can be emailed to

About write 2 educate

My name is Ann Shannon. I am a creative, professional writer, author and educator. I have written my first book which is named, The Wilder Kids. My business is Shannon's Writing Service, it is a service that provides professional writing work for clients that are looking for a quality writing service. I can be email at for more information.
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