Write to Relax Now Workshop and Ebook

Writing for Relaxation workshop is now Write to Relax Now Workshop. The name has been change, but the information is the same except more content has been added. Write to Relax Now workshops are taught in small groups for people interested in writing or established writers that may need to learn a relaxation technique that will inspire them to write more creatively. These groups are seniors, adults and teenagers who occupations maybe teachers, students, or retired workers. The workshop can be helpful for professionals in any field of work. This workshop is for everyone interested in writing creatively, whether it be for their lifestyle or hobby. The workshop consists of an introduction of all participants, a lecture and a teaching of a relaxation technique.

The Write to Relax Now ebook is written for new and mature writers that want to explore their new creativity and forms of writing. Its an ebook that teaches about the relaxed writer, outcomes of the unrelaxed writer, an easy relaxation technique and the value of being a successful writer. The cost of the ebook is $3.99, its available on http://www.writetorelaxnow.com.

Ann Shannon is the facilitator and creator of the workshop, Write to Relax Now. The Write to Relax Now ebook is available, this ebook gives clarity on what is being taught in the workshop. Emails are taken at ann50joy@yahoo.com.

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Writing for Relaxation Workshop

The Writing for Relaxation workshop was a wonderful teaching experience at Safari’s Marketplace 1403 West 111th Street in Chicago. I had participants in the workshop that were enthusiastic about their writing goals and interests. While lecturing about relaxing when writing we started conversations about writing, therefore, we learned from each other.This teaching experience became more a reflection session than a workshop. When I would address a point that’s related to my teaching, my audience would start talking about their experience and how it relates to the point. The lecture went over the time expected, but it was worth it. On the evaluation forms they all felt that they had learned something that they could use in writing.

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‘Wilder Kids’ Book Signing and Writing for Relaxation Workshop

The ‘Wilder Kids’ book and CD audio book is featured at Safari’s Marketplace in Chicago, 1403 West 111th on Sat, Dec 3 at 3 p.m.in a book signing and meeting of the author, Ann Shannon. The Wilder Kids I Really Want to Go to College!!, is a creative nonfiction book for children ages 8-11 which is sold on the internet at Authorhouse.com

Afterwards, the Free Writing for Relaxation workshop will start at 5:30 pm. to 7 pm. This workshop is for new and seasoned writers who want to learn how to write creatively with a relaxed mind. Bring your pen and pad and come to learn a new way to write. There will be information available at the workshop about other dates the Writing for Relaxation workshop will be offered. Writing for Relaxation is now offered as a FREE Ebook. If you want a free ebook, emails are taken at ann50joy@yahoo.com.

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Press Release for Book Signing and Writing Workshop

This is a copy of the press release that is in the Bulletin newspaper in Chicago:

Safari’s Oasis, 1403 W. 111th will host a book and CD audio book signing and s FREE Writing for Relaxation workshop from 3p.m to 7p.m on Saturday, December 3. Wilder Kids I Really Want to Go to College!! is a creative nonfiction book for children ages 9-11, written by Ann Shannon. The event starts at 3p.m with the signing of books and CD’s. For complete details, call Ann Shannon at 773-840-3825 and Imani Station at 773-312-731-4086..

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Ann Shannon will be a participant at Mather’s Cafe, Vendors Day located at 33 East 83rd in Chicago on Monday, November 14, 2011 from 9:30 to 1:30. She will sell her children’s CD audiobooks,’Wilder Kids’, promote her workshop ‘Writing for Relaxation’and promote her business Shannon’s Writing Service. There will be free giveaways! If you need more information she can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com

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The Wilder Kids CD Audiobook Is Now Available

Are you a teacher, educator, parent or librarian? Then you need to know about this wonderful CD audiobook for children ages 9-11. The Wilder Kids I Really Want to go to College!! is an instructional creative non-fiction listening CD about minority children inspired by their parents to attend high school and college. This CD helps children to improve their listening skills and promotes education. Included at the end of the story there are three short, interesting lessons. This CD audiobook should be part of your school and home library. If you are interested in a CD audiobook email lovesue2us@yahoo.com or ann50joy@yahoo.com. Ann Shannon is available on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Shannon’s Writing Service

I am blogging about my writing service, a service that provides top quality freelance writing to professional clients. I consider myself as an article writer, Web writer, blogger and ghostwriter. Writing is my craft that I enjoy doing with the opportunity to earn money. Writing allows me to express myself at different levels, such as, writing a children’s book The Wilder Kids I Really Want to Go to College and writing about and teaching my workshop, Writing for Relaxation. My ebook is expected to be complete by November, 2011.

I have written various online articles for http://www.associatedcontent.com and http://www.weebly.com. I have written book proposals and press releases, I keep a writer’s journal which helps me to keep writing and stay focus even when business is slow. I expect to introduce and write my first novel in the year 2012. My writing style is practical, interesting and fun. If you want your story written, but uncertain about writing it email me at ann50joy@yahoo.com

Shannon’s Writing Service does writing work in a time-oriented setting with the clients writing material always in mind. This service does not do typing of any kind, but provides creative writing ideas and thoughts that are applied to the clients top-quality written work.
Ann Shannon the owner of Shannon’s Writing Service is available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have any questions they can be emailed to ann50joy@yahoo.com.

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