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      Write to Relax Now is a workshop that is  about self-reflection. This workshop teaches students how to recognize and express their creativity through sound techniques. The workshop includes a lecture, discussions about thoughts and ideas, meaning of relaxation, usage of a breathing and meditation methods. When these tools are learned effective writing can start in the form of brainstorming, free writing and cluster writing. The students can express their writing in new ideas in the form of fiction and creative nonfiction.

Other dimensions of writing will be addressed such as blogs, ebooks, publishing ,Web content, article writing and more. The workshop is an 8 week course at Chicago State University Options program on Thursdays 10:00am -12noon starting January 26,2013. The cost is $79.00.

If you need more information call the CSU office at 773-995-4466 or email you want to expand your creative and writing ability then this class is for you. Write to Relax Now ebook is now available on (Kindle) You can visit Annsha2’sblog at

Ann Shannon is a writer, author and educator. She has written a children’s creative nonfiction book, The Wilder Kid’s. An ebook the same title of the workshop, Write to Relax Now:Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece. She is the creator and instructor of the workshop. A graduate from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics and she has a Master of Arts in Education degree from Olivet-Nazarene University.  She studied at Writer;s Digest school. She is the writer and publisher at Shannon’s Writing Service. Her contact information is and phone number is Image773-840-3825.






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Ebook: The New Book

Ebooks are the new reading source available to people all over the world. They allow authors and writers to publish their writing work online and be distributed on Kindle, Nook, IPad, Smartphones and other electronic devices. The Kindle is available through Amazon and the Nook is available through Barnes & Noble. This is the most convenient and easy way to read a book whether it’s a novel or a self-help book in the comfort of where ever you maybe. This style of writing was once known to be in PDF file has now transform.
This new publishing phenomenon has taken the publishing world in an other direction. This new breakthrough helps writers to become authors quickly by publishing easily through the Kindle Direct Publishing. This program gives a 70% royalty to the author and an opportunity to display their ebook on The achievement of ebooks makes a writing dream become a reality easier.
Traditional publishers may see this ebook adventure as an opportunity to publish their books as ebooks using ebook distributors. Their authors can be recognized as authors of a particular books and ebooks. Regular books will always be important to writers, authors, and others because a book is something people like to have, hold and to read daily. Books are the backbone of the literary world and the ebook is the beginning of this evolution in the publishing world. Ebooks are electronic form of books,in which,bound books can never be replaced. The success of ebooks has allowed flexibility for writers that hasn’t been expressed before. A writer that writes nonfiction now can write a fiction ebook, a writer that writes sci-fi may write a mystery ebook and a writer that writes magazine articles may compose the articles in an ebook. Ebooks are available in different categories and sizes.
Write to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation Techniques for Writing That Masterpiece, is an ebook that provides information for writers and others who may want to learn how to meditate, relax, and achieve their inner creative ideas that expresses in their writing and other creative work. This ebook is available on Kindle at The Wilder Kids: I Really Want to Go to College is a children’s book will soon be available as an ebook on Kindle at Celebrate Your Sexy, is short ebook that gives a different perspective on the word “sexy”,it will be available very soon. Ann Shannon, is the author of the ebook and children’s book. If you need more information, she can be emailed at

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Let’s Get Educated: An Online Radio Talk Show

Let’s Get Educated is a online talk show that discusses nonfiction topics related to education and writing dynamics. This online radio show is produced by This is an outlet for online radio where people all over the world can produce their own radio show. allows people to express themselves musically in whatever way they want playing music such as oldies (60’s,70’s,80’s.90’s), country-western, rhythm-blues, jazz,gospel,classical,rock, or talk radio.

My radio show is titled as the Ann Shannon Show and it’s a bi- weekly talk program with the sub-title of Let’s Get Educated. The show has exciting discussions and interesting interviews from every day people. People can follow the Ann Shannon Show on Twitter. The two previous shows were” Writing and Meditation” and “An Interview”. The talk show is about 30 minutes. These interesting shows can be heard on by placing Ann Shannon in the search box.
Spreaker radio allows the host to use popular music and melodic sounds to create their own ambiance for their radio show. The radio host can connect to Facebook or Twitter.

My online radio talk show was inspired by the online talk radio show Kandi Koated Nights hosted by Kandi Burruss, the reality star. Kandi Koated Nights is a wonderful talk show that has conversations about men and women relationships.

Let’s Talk Education is available to listen to bi-weekly on Wednesday’s. If you need more information I can be emailed at or follow me on Twitter.

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Creative Meditation – A Writer’s Point of View

Meditation is a state of “peace” for the mind and body. It’s a practice that provides relaxed people with a sense of self-control over their mind and body when participated daily. It’s a practice from the Eastern culture and its now being used in the west and all over the world. Meditation can can be used for anyone that wants a relax mind and body and who wants to concentrate on a particular interest. Writers and Artists can use meditation to help with their inner creative ideas and to bring those ideas up into their conscious mind so they can apply the creative ideas to their work. Everyone is creative by nature and meditating within provides the inner creativity to become more evident.

Meditation becomes more signficant when it helps the physical and mental aspects of the writer and artist. According to meditation reports, meditation lowers blood pressure, relaxes the body and helps the immune system. Mentally, meditation increase memory, sparks the intuition and adds concentration to the thought.The act of meditation should be daily and in the mornings or evenings.

Creative Meditation is when a writer and artist has a particular idea in mind
and they strongly focus on the idea. Once they continue to focus on the idea
other supportive creative ideas are recognized. This allows the writer and artist to use these creative ideas in their work. When the writer are in a meditative state and have the creative ideas they may experience seeing themselves with the accomplished desire. That desire maybe a published book, a written poem,a finished painting or a written ebook. This is called creative visualization.

If you want to know more about creative meditation and visualization take time to read my ebook, Write to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece, it’s located at It’s an ebook for beginner writers who wants to become more confident and creative in their writing and mature writers that decided that they want to write another genre.

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Write to Relax Now: Ebook and Workshop

Hello Everyone,
Write to Relax Now:Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece is an ebook for writers, teachers, professionals and students that wants to express themselves using original creative ideas. This ebook is found on for the purchase price of $3.99. This ebook is for new and mature writers and artistic people who want to write freely and finish their desired work. In the ebook read about what is a writer’s voice, most writers are unaware of the voice they portray in their writing. Also, there are definitions of a relaxed writer, what causes a writer to become unrelaxed, and relaxation technique that helps writers and artists to accomplish their desired work goals. Writers of all kinds can learn how to become a writer with unlimited creative ideas, purchase an ebook today!
Write to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece is a workshop that teaches the power of meditation for writers and artistic people. It helps creative people to relax their mind and rejuvenate their thinking processes. The workshop has been taught in Chicago at Mather’s Cafe and the Safari Oasis store located on the southiside. It consist of a lecture, discussion, relaxation technique, teaching relaxed writing and effects of unrelaxed writing. The workshops are one hour and a half long and in locations that are suitable for the audience. The main goal of the workshop is to help writers and artist to create and finish their projects. Make an appointment to be a part of this creative experience, visit and give your contact information.

Ann Shannon is the creator and instructor of Write to Relax Now workshop. The website is where names can taken at the contact area. Ms. Shannon is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for contact or information purposes.

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Ebook Launch – Write to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation to Writing That Masterpiece

Hello Everyone,

On this day, the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I am honored to have my dream to come alive. I have written and published an ebook, Write to Relax Now:Mental Relaxation Technique for Writing that Masterpiece, this ebook is for inspired writers and artistic people that want to be more creative and relaxed in their artistic work.

If you or someone you know is a inspired writer or artist visit my website at The ebook is available on the website for $3.99. Also, there are Write to Relax Now workshops available. Please leave your information on the contact page and someone will contact you soon!

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